About Home and City Living

Home and City Living is a lifestyle and travel website designed to explore the best home cities around the United States and the World. Whether you’re thinking of moving to a new city or traveling overseas, we’re exploring the best options out there.

We have a focus on late 20s and early 30s moving and travel. Why? Because that’s us! We’re always looking for our next adventure – whether it’s domestic or abroad.

Who We Are

We’re Jason and Rose – a late 20s and early 30s couple who love to travel. Rose was born and raised just north of Seattle, WA. After high school she traveled South and Central America before returning to Washington for College.

After College, Rose traveled to Canada where she met Jason – the other half of this website!

Jason grew up in the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney, Australia. Before meeting Rose, he had explored Australia, Canada, and Europe. Among his favorite adventures are his multiple ski seasons in the Canadian Rockies.

After Rose and Jason met, they have lived in Canada for a few years as well as the UK for 2 and a half years.

Together, they’ve traveled through Central and South America several times – from the rustic backcountry of Cuba to the bustle of Medellin, Colombia. They’ve also traveled together to many of Europe’s amazing historical cities.

Our Expertise

Jason is a professional blogger and SEO specialist with his own web publishing company based out of Vancouver, BC. He has built up blogs large and small in a variety of niches. His focus is on quality control and extensive keyword research to produce high-quality and valuable content for you – the reader!

Rose has a BA in Sociology and Communication and is our social media specialist. She takes many of the photos for us, takes care of the Instagram site, and is the brains behind our travels. She also wears the planning hat, looking for new places for our audience to see!

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: To become the premium source of travel and lifestyle information on the web.

Vision: To create the highest-quality web content and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Values: We value eco-friendly and low-footprint travel and lifestyle options.