10 Top Miami Nicknames (And How it Got Them)

Miami is probably one of the richest cities in the US in every sense of the word. The legacy of the different communities this city carries is unique in how these cultures are now ingrained in the very fabric of the city.

Miami has also seen nearly as much action over the decades as it has seen cultures. From cartel wars to hundreds of thousands of pounds and dollars of drugs, the exciting history of Miami has also earned a few unforgettable nicknames

In this article, we’ll go through a list of Miami nicknames and why it has those nicknames. Let’s jump right into it!

Miami Nicknames

1. The Magic City

It’s not for how ethereally beautiful this city is. It’s not for any form of ritualistic magic either, although that does have its place in Miami’s culture!

Miami’s most commonly known nickname, the Magic City, came about from how quickly it developed—as if it materialized out of thin air.

While prefixing any noun with “magic” is an overused nickname all around the world, Miami probably earned its nickname more than most.

Coined in the way of marketing for a new project, the term is as old as the city itself. In fact, the source of the nickname, a writer hired to write a promotional article, had only seen blueprints and reports of the city when he decided to dub it the Magic City.

You could argue that he didn’t need to see it to believe that it’s magic based on how quickly it developed within just a couple of decades.

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2. The Seat of Miami-Dade County

Not so much of a nickname and much more of a title, this name is another one that has a place in history.

Miami was the seat or the capital of Miami-Dade county almost 50 years before the city was ever officially incorporated. The seat of the county is the town where all the administrative affairs of the county are conducted.

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3. The Gateway to the Americas/Latin America

Like it or not, Miami’s great and distinct vibe comes from the fact that, by and large, it’s more Latin than American.

Its rich culture, unique music, night scene, and world-class culinary experience all come from one thing; the generations of Hispanic people who made Miami their home over the years.

Since Operation Peter Pan and the movement for the self-freedom of Haitian slaves in the 1960s, the population of Latin Americans has been on an upwards slope.

Today, over 70% of the city’s population is Hispanic, with people of Cuban, Haitian, Venezuelan, and Colombian origins, among many other countries.

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4. La Capital Del Sol

Miami’s status as a top summer destination was cemented in the early 1900s. Its gorgeous beaches and palm trees completed the vibe.

Jackie Gleason’s classic weekly introduction of Miami as the “fun and sun capital of the world” definitely helped build the association between Miami’s sunny weather.

Naturally, this name took a Latin flavor in the 1970s as the majority of its population shifted from white to Hispanic.

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5. North/Little Cuba

In the late 1950s, the Cuban government’s “reform” was rightfully causing panic among Cuban families and communities.

Cuban schools were doing military drills instead of literature and target practice instead of crafts. In 1960, the government seized all private schools.

Because of that, rumors had started stirring that the Cuban government may choose to assume custody over all Cuban minors at any moment.

In an attempt to save the children from the military dictatorship, thousands of Cubans secretly sent their children in cooperation with various American entities to Miami. By the end of this influx of refugee minors, over 14,000 Cuban children were sent to Miami.

Over 60 years later, these children, along with other torrents of Cuban refugees, created a vibrant Cuban community on the west side of the city.

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6. Vice City

Miami has had a long and curious history of… rebelling against the law if you will. That earned it one of the more fun names on this list, Vice City.

For a few decades, Miami was largely regarded as one of the world’s top drug cities. |Many Miamians who are still alive today can recount the insane action movie that 70s and 80s Miami seemed to be.

Drug cartels, undercover agents, cocaine by the tons, and stacks of money you can climb on. The media depicting these elements in Miami’s history are not exaggerating.

Even before cocaine took the city by storm, Miami was having fun pretending the prohibition didn’t exist in the 1920s.

7. The Murder Capital of the USA

Did we forget to mention dead bodies popping up everywhere in Vice City? Not just the video game!

In 1980, the crime rate jumped a nightmarish 70% from the year before. The murder rate in Magic City was 25% higher than in the nearest city. That all might have had to do with the police actively fighting against a Cuban drug cartel.

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8. Biscayne Bay Country

This nickname is pretty straightforward and is probably well-known to anyone that lives in the city or even spent some time there.

Miami falls on the Northern side of Biscayne Bay. This bay is probably one of the biggest reasons why Miami ever came to exist in the first place. It gives the city its charming beaches and makes room for the extravagant resorts Miami is known for.

The largest and most central street in Miami is Biscayne Bay Street.

9. The 305

This is probably the most commonly used nickname in the whole list. There are no hidden meanings here, no jokes, or history to it.

This nickname’s origin is simply the fact that Miami’s area code is 305.

10. The Enchanted Tax City/Haven

As you can probably guess, Miami earned this name by making its taxes very forgiving, especially for businesses.

Compared to other American metropolises, Miami’s tax laws are great for business owners. That means that sales taxes, corporate income taxes, and property taxes are low.


In its 125 years of age, Miami has certainly gone through a great deal of excitement, if you will. Throughout its ups and downs, though, it maintained its unique communal vibe that feels quite foreign for a city this big.

Is this a comprehensive list of Miami’s nicknames over time, though? Probably not. Only a true Miami local could tell you more, and some names have surely been forgotten for decades.