Is Albuquerquea Good Place to Live?

Albuquerque is affordable, warm, and close to nature. In these senses, it’s a good place to live.

But it’s also important to look at it without rose colored glasses: there are certainly some crime problems in the city that mean some suburbs should be avoided.

Overall, it’s a great city for people who want an all-American city with a great cost of living and access to nature; while families concerned about crime might choose to live in a city considered more family-friendly.

Is Albuquerque a Good Place to Live?

Pros of Living in Albuquerque

1. Low-Costs Housing

Albuquerque offers one of the lowest costs as far as houses are concerned. While the rent is high, owning a property is much easier compared with other cities.

With 2 million residents in the entire state, about 25% live in Albuquerque because the houses are affordable.

If one gets lucky, one can find cheap places to rent. Overall, the city ranks 33rd in all cities for the lowest house cost in the country.

2. Diverse Ethnicity

There are over 70 ethnicities in the state. As such, it is a melting pot of cultures, cuisine, and diversity in races.

The most common ethnicities are:

  • Asian
  • Middle Eastern
  • Native American

Because of this, the city is a richbuffet of different types of food and cultures. The thing is that this kind of diversity also opens up problems in terms of generational poverty. There is a scarcity of food in rural areas.

Crowding can be a problem for some places, and those who do not have jobs become homeless. While there is a color in the city, some parts of it show gloom because of financial hardships.

3. Low-cost Education

Those who have children will be happy to know that many schools in the city and the state offer low-cost education in all tiers.

Education costs for graduate, elementary, high school, doctorate, college, etc., are all affordable. Parents can expect their children to get a highlevel of education without breaking the bank.

Although the wages in the state are lower than the national average, the cost of living is also affordable, giving a middle-class person a balanced financial situation.

4. Manageable Traffic

One of the most dreaded things about living in a metropolitan area is the traffic. But, despite being a city with more than half a million in population, the traffic here is bearable.

There are traffic jams here. It is unlike a rural town with only a few people. However, it is not even comparable with other cities like Dallas or New York. The traffic in these cities is a nightmare.

In Albuquerque, one can expect traffic jams, but the cars are still moving. It is rare for traffic to put cars at a full stop for hours.

Cons of Living in Albuquerque

1. Poor Job Market

The job market is struggling in Albuquerque. It is for this reason that crime and homelessness are both on the rise.

It is not a wise thing to do to move to the city without a job. People who move here must either be relocated by their companies or those who want to retire.

Overall, it ranks 43rd in the country as the best place for job creation.

2. It is Hot

Although Albuquerque has a higher elevation level than other cities, it is located in a hot state. New Mexico is a desert state, meaning the temperatures here can get really hot and humid.

From June to September, the average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It begins to drop in October. From December to January, one can expect relief from the heat.

It does snow in the city occasionally, but then the snow only falls for roughly eight days on average. Summer is plentiful in rains.

3. Crime

The city is beset with poverty, low employment rates, and homelessness. Eventually, the city has become a cesspool of crimes.

There are many-drug related crimes here. It is not unusual to hear about homicide. Most of these homicides have something to do with drug deals gone wrong. Most of the deaths are also gang-related.

There is also a rise in property crimes, theft and car prowling. People are already used to news of breaking and entering, and violent crime is something that one should be afraid of when living here.

Best Suburbs to Live in Albuquerque

  1. Cedar Crest – low crime rate; the average commute time to the city proper is only 18 minutes.
  2. Los Ranchos de Albuquerque – a peaceful community that offers spacious homes. Lots of open space and live music and local artists.
  3. Corrales – great community with friendly residents; there are often events here organized by the neighborhood.
  4. San Ysidro – a small village best for people who want a rural atmosphere. There are only about 2,000 residents but the village is about 45 minutes away from the city.
  5. Peralta – a good place for people who love nature; there are many areas where one ca do picnic or simply go for a stroll when relaxing.


Albuquerque is generally not a good place to live n because of poverty, poor job market, high crime rate, and unregulated rent. However, there are some people who can live with these, and they may find the city appealing because of low property cost. The city is also home to diverse ethnicities and manageable traffic. The city also boasts of scenic views and many outdoor activities to choose from.